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  Welcome to Daichiretsuzan! Does this layout seem familar? It should, if you are a die-hard dbz fan  because the best was found at one place, called Triple Fusion. Triple Fusion turned people into  what they are today, including myself. Amin, Brink, Marvin, and the rest of the staff they went  through did all they could (seven updates a day) to bring you what you call "the best site in the  world".
 This layout was made to show you what T.F. began to be, Enjoy.

Welcome to Daichiretsuzan Everyone! It is I, webmaster and keeper of D.C.H.'s keys (Jim). If and when you choose to enter this site, what will be waiting for you is up to your curiosity. By the time you do find out for yourself, your questions will have answered and hopefully you will enjoy or dislike what you see. (I prefer Enjoy).

Daichiretsuzan is not ripped, all of our content is original and made from my own type-happy fingers, or my loyal Daichiretsuzan staff members. If you infact do like Dragonball Z, Harry Potter, or just Miscellaneous downloads, then I am sure you will find yourself here once again. Our Harry Potter features will be up shortly for your wandering mouse and knowledge.

Affiliation is always open, I am always willing to answer/request affiliation requests. However, as usual your site must be made of some quality for I affiliate with honest, and creative websites so that Daichiretsuzan can be enjoyed even more. We don't host people, we are sorry for this fact.

Again, if you do find yourself here again. Please visit my affiliates, host, and vote for me to support Daichiretsuzan in our epic quest to get known in the community. ^_^