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Walking in the park make you horney?

Welcome to Triple Fusion! BLAH BLAH! Yeah, We know you don't want to listen to us go on and on about this so we will get down to the point.

TF Gaming and Network will be back very soon. Amin is making the soundtrack as we speak and instead of TF Yabb somthing new will come but it will be a suprise I think...

Triple Fusion is back...I (Skylar) will be making a new History of TF because that one is general and I think you want the most acruate of things.

Please Enjoy your stay and masturbate everyday....

Posted by: Jim
at Monday, December 9, 2002
Subject: Hey!

Hey All. I have decided that I am too good for Triple Fusion and it's fans and I have no wish to affiliate with TF any longer.

PS: the layout is OK, c ya! (LOL!!!)

PPS: visit -->

Kidding! I Love the new layout... it is totally "ghetto" (punk talk?)


Posted by: Brink
at Sunday, December 8, 2002
Subject: Cardscans

It's been a long freakin' time sincec someone updated this section. I just thought I would give it a little attention since there's a couple of people in here in TX have been buying them (elementary kids). I've updated the Cardscans Section. I made the thumbnails too so the pictures wont have to be all big loaded and take so long. I put up 17 cardscans.

BTW, I put up that BEst DBZ site cuz I was just proud of it. I put it up in the side so u know...

Happy day for me...^_^ TTYL, I bought a new movie and a couple of CD's and some new Adidas Cologne, so ttyl, peace easy...

Posted by: Amin
at Sunday, December 8, 2002
Subject: Coalition Forums Back!!

Thats right!!! YEY! Good day today ^_^, visit now!!


Also, sorry for not getting the cels up last night... party/alcohol called... and well, shit happens, I'll be working all day today soooo yea expect em up...


Posted by: Brink
at Sunday, December 8, 2002
Subject: Episode List

I've updated the Episode List and put up Season #5 and I'm going to put more seasons up to season #6 probably by tonight. That's going to be a lot of thinking, searching, and typing...blah...so o well...

Uhh..Btw? Amin? Whattcha want for Christmas *blushes* hehe, and oh yeah! Jimmy too! Whattcha want? Hehe....c'mon dont be shy. O.0 Work to do, peace easy.....

Posted by: Amin
at Saturday, December 7, 2002
Subject: small cels update

Hey people, well nothing big... I got 8 new Other Character cels... -_- I uploaded a whole bunch of new ones but Im going out for dinner and can't get em up untill later tonight... so expect them up soon.

Here is our cel count:

Other Character Cels: 96
Android Cels: 11 (to be updated tonight)
Brolly Cels: 16 (to be updated tonight)
Bulma Cels: 14
Buu Cels: 29 (to be updated tonight)
Cell Cels: 27 (to be updated tonight)
Freeza Cels: 11
Gogeta Cels: 11 (to be updated)
Gohan Cels: 69 (to be updated)
Goku Cels: 98 (to be updated)
Goten Cels: 27
Gotenks Cels: 32 (to be updated)
Pan Cels: 11 (to be updated)
Piccolo Cels: 35 (to be updated)
Trunks Cels: 63 (to be updating)
Vegeta Cels: 110 (to be updated)
Vegetto Cels: 17 (to be updated)

FEWWWW thats an anoying update... not only for me but probably for you too ^_^ Well, that totals up to 650 cels... :-D

Ill be adding some more tonight...

c-ya! (to jim)


Posted by: Brink
at Saturday, December 7, 2002
Subject: MP3's

New songs...I've uploaded some new song in the Mp3 Section. I put some songs from P.O.D (Payable on Death) and hoping to put some more songs.

I apologize for not updating yesterday, my mom was in the computer all night last night doing some work on the computer and just pissed the living piss out of me. I wanted to do some real work and I couldn't but time will make up for it. Peace easy....

Posted by: Wiggo
at Saturday, December 7, 2002
Subject: Different stuff.

1st of all. Who likes sex pistols?? (They are real punk)

2nd, DB Vortex, We asked you nicely to take away our content from your site. We respect that you have a great site but you will lose all respect if you steal content. Its wrong. We wont shuot at you, nor fall out, but we just simply ask, Please remove our content from your site and make your own, Thank you.

3rdly, the cells kick ass.

4th and last. I am hoping to get a new guitar for xmas. I can't wait to see if santa brings me one (Joke)
Here is a pic of it.

It cost UKĀ£219 which is VERY GOOD. It is also an original and not a fake ass copy. But anyway im out now. Bye.

Posted by: Amin
at Saturday, December 7, 2002
Subject: -_-

Alright... I don't usually do this... but I warned him before... DBZ Vortex has stolen TF's content.. yea hes so fucking popular yet a poor site... not only TF's but Daichiretsuzan's as well... Now, I warned him with an email once... he emailed me back with a sorry note and how he will remove it... but didn't remove all...

Now, this kind of behevour is rare from me... what pisses me off the most is that its a very popular site.. yet he doesn't deserve it... bah...

Sorry about this update :-(

Oh and to Brink....

Rock: Kiss, Guns n Roses AC/DC, Pink Floyd
Punk: Nofx, Anti Flag, Bad Religion, Rancid Lagwagon

How can you NOT see the diff..lol

yea...updates later..peace

Posted by: Amin
at Saturday, December 7, 2002
Subject: cels....... *drools*

Alrighty... I have finished fixing/orginizing the cels... YEY!! I also added around 75 new Other cels along with about 40 new Goku cels... check it out!

http://www.triple-fusion.com/main1.php?page=cels.html ^_^

Ill be doing some more Images updates along with Video Clips that I will be making from some episodes and movies I have... just give it some time!

peace :'-D

Posted by: Amin
at Friday, December 6, 2002
Subject: Cels

Hey guys and girls... I decided to totally re orginize the cels section... like totally.. I have so many cels that I have yet not put up, I need to do the html over and other stufff... so expect the cels to kick ass by tonight... *promise*

Another thing.. Coalition Forums will be back shortly... if you have never gone there, be sure to join as soon as its back in around a day... ^_^


Posted by: Brink
at Friday, December 6, 2002
Subject: The phuck with it!

Alright then, I put a new Funny IM and it was a fight with me and some asshole named Skylar who wont make a name for himself and takin' the rage on me.

Im a bit excited today and I'm going to try to update tons today, and I got to many shitz on my mind I have to worry about, and I'm going to go to some work and I'll update later, peace easy.....

Posted by: Brink
at Thursday, December 5, 2002
Subject: Imma join' the party....

Im going to go join this party club of updating, I guess Amin made me kind of Motivated I guess....well he did. Shizness....BTW Amin, Rock/Punk, wtf is the difference? BTW, I voted for Rock, since I dont even know wtf is the difference with both of them. I'm going to upload more song here at TF, since people loves the MP3's. I'm also making some AIM Expressions, if I ever freakin' find out how to use this AIM Expression maker. Well, imma update lataz on...peace easy...

Posted by: Wiggo
at Thursday, December 5, 2002
Subject: New affiliate, me

Hiya folks. As you can tell, Amin has worked his ASS off to get a good layout here at TF, ooh! He has done just that. This is a brilliant layout and if you dont like it, phone us on 0800-SUCK-A-BUTT.

Ooh i can feel the TF Heart rate getting faster as reacg our goal of 'They way we used to be'

This is a GREAT motivation surge and i can't wait to get to work.
Please thank amin for this here and god bless.

Anyway, remember the time when i told you about the side project site i was going to be making, well its up and has been for a while. Triple Fusion is now affiliated with it.

I will be working here more then Internal Rage becuase this is my home and as i say, Internal Rage is a said project. Bye

Posted by: Amin
at Thursday, December 5, 2002
Subject: TF needs staff?

Well.. yes... actually, we do. Altough hiring staff now and days is pointless sinse they do shit... most of them anyways. So... I duno... If you think you can do something email us at [email protected]

AND a new poster... you will get a newspro account.. so email us, tell us what you think you can do... thanks ^_^

I got a new song up... Rufio, Dipshit, great song... listen to it NOW!

Well, I am going to make a new layout for the network... yey!! I am out of school for 2 MONTHS!! WOOT!!! so.. Ill be around... alot... TF is looking so good, I feel great motivation...

peace folks! ^_^

Posted by: Amin
at Thursday, December 5, 2002
Subject: just a couple of things

Hey people! Just got a few things done... I made a new splash dedicated to everyone that comes here.. I hope you like it ^_^. I also made a new poll... located... where is it again? bah I forgot where I put it! It shouldnt be too hard to find.. Well, noone has voted yet exept for me... so PUNK is winning! lets keep it that way *points gun* haha...

Oh... almost forgot, I got a image at the bottom of the layout... yea exiting isn't it -_-'' I even spelled "that" wrong in it... damnit... im so lazy.

Expect Images update next.... along with a song right under the poll...!!

*looks at clock* dang 4 am... NIGHT FOLKS!

Posted by: Amin
at Wednesday, December 4, 2002
Subject: well...well...well

HA! Here it is guys... I was planning on getting another one up, but I started this one... and finished it... I think its great... like old school and everything fits in nicely ^_^

Well... I am very motivated... Expect major updates everyday... TF will not be dead for one more single day.. unless Im out for the weekend or somthing :-)

well... I hope you guys like it... its 4 30 am, Ill get misc stuff like poll... SOTM, etc up tomorrow.. promise ^_^