Owner of the Network... obiously... lol. Well... we have lots of stuff... you where problably just there... o.O OMG, This site is amazing! It reminds me of the spunk of Triple Fusion when we opened! This guy is so cool. GO NOW OR YOU WILL MISS OUT!

Namek HQ One of My personal Favorites, Namek HQ offers you great content, layout, and the webmistress there offers great attitude! Deffenetly worth a visit! Well... al of you problably already know... GREAT content.... GREAT media, awesome layout, webmaster is dedicated... full eps... make sure to visit it NOW!

Great site with loads of Dbz content, I've only talked to the webmaster a fews times and he seems like a great person... layout is phat. WORTH A LOOK! Great site/friend, GA is here to offer you some phat assed content on dbz and linkin park needs... webby is GREAT but can be a bitch..(jk!) go now!

He is PUNK... ALL HAIL HIM!!!... lol.. great site, altoughg it has a DBZ name, it also fills in your music needs, orignal layout, everything kicks ass... yet another site that TF NET is honored to have