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Posted by: Silent
at Saturday, February 15, 2003
Subject: Done

I just got done adding Good Charlotte Mp3s to the list, cuz... GOOD CHARLOTTE ROCKS!! Oh well, im out.


Posted by: Silent
at Friday, February 14, 2003
Subject: sorry

I have not been updating, i am working on more MP3s, clips, etc. So dont yell at me just yet. Alright well i gotta get back to work, im out.


Posted by: Skylar
at Sunday, February 9, 2003
Subject: Technical Difficulties..

Yeah, We are experiancing some Technical Difficulties for some reason. As you know I have affialited with Anime Lords. But for some unknown reason I am not able to put them up and make it work. I am not sure if this is due to a HTML problem or a Javascript problem. I am going to try and figure this out. If I can't it will be sad and I will have to make a new layout. I seriously hope it does not come to this because I love my new layout.

Also, I worked on one of my mother's friends computor today. All I did was basically reformat it. It took 4 hours though since it was a Windows ME that did not want to work with what I wanted it to. But I did get paid 100 dollars to do it though. I am not sure what I will do with it but I am sure it will be for the computor ^_^!


Posted by: Skylar
at Saturday, February 8, 2003
Subject: New Affiliate...

Yeah, I know I know. I said no more affiliates. But I half owned this site my life and half love this sites content. Our new affiliate is Anime Lords. Back in the day, Touvex (The Owner) hosted a site I was working for. Basically coming from Geocities to a real host is like bieng god. So I owed him that. And half other reason was..*points* LOOK AT THERE CONTENT! If you want to learn somthing. GO THERE NOW!

In other news. I have got the game Star Craft. It is one awsome game and yes we do have cheats for them made by Silent. This game if very good and VERY cheap. I bought it for $10.02 including tax. You can also play it online with friends. As such I play with Gohan3k. Yet, He kicks my ass all over the ground..

Finnaly, I have been downloading DBGT and doing those screens that I said I would do. It might take some time though...Since I am on a 56k and I will almost have 10-20 megabytes of them. So that should be real interesting. It shall test my patiance!


Posted by: Jim
at Thursday, February 6, 2003
Subject: Jim is here.

Hi all! Jim is here to bring you the latest scoop on Vegeta's condition. Apperently, he had been the victim of a mugging executed by Krillin. Krillin was arrested but he was charged with 4th degree assault for attempting to steal Vegeta's groceries outside of West City's Albertsons.

"Krillin shot the disc at my thigh so I wouldn't be able to run but I gathered enough energy to clothesline him and take him out" Exclaims Mr. Vegeta.
We all hope he recovers over this incedent, and that Krillin may burn in hell. ^_^


Posted by: Skylar
at Thursday, February 6, 2003
Subject: A Death In the Community...

It's true, Manny from Vegeta's Haven has died. He has evidently killed himself due to depression. You can read the article at


In other news..That's sad. I am going to talk about some DBZ Info that I was working on. But a person has died in the communnity. We feel bad for about 5 minutes and then move on with our lives. Must we live like this to keep emotions out of our lives? Who knows..I will update on DBZ later.


Posted by: Skylar
at Monday, February 3, 2003
Subject: Evangelion Update..

Yes! I have done it. I have got all the Angels briographies up. They took almost 3 hours to do considering I was trying to do 500 other things but I guess thats what you get for bieng in the webmastering buisness. Lol. You can find them under Misc and N.G. Evangelion. I will soon get some pictures on them so don't worry.

Screen shots coming? I have a program now that will let me take screen shots of episodes that I download with my awsome 56k. I will probably be putting them up. Most likely the DBGT episodes becuase that is what I am downloading. Every DBGT episode on a 56k Modem with 8 Gigabyte Hard Drive. *cough* That's what I get for bieng a rebel.


Posted by: Skylar
at Saturday, February 1, 2003
Subject: Funny IM's

I added 2 Funny IM's that I had today. I probably have some others burried with in the depth of my computor but that will be for another date and time. I also have put up a new rom so go look at that if you like them..

I have also joined DB Exchange Network. This is a fairly good network that I have been wanting to join for awhile. Acually the webmaster IM'ed me first and I found out he was the owner. So all turned out good! I will leave you with one qoute..

"Gohan3k = Ginyu!" - Skylar


Posted by: Skylar
at Saturday, February 1, 2003
Subject: Added somthing..

I added the sections of 'Misc' Webmasters' and 'Humor'. I still have to work on some things about them but they are up. Also under misc you can find the Evangelion Section. I have been asking people weather to put a new bar up for it or just put it under misc and most of the responses where under misc so I did. ^_^!

TCG HAS BROUGHT BACK VERSION 4! THAT LAYOUT OWNZ! Pay them a visit..Somewhere over on the right side of the layout. Yeah, Well I guess that's it. I will be working on some more info for Evangelion.


Posted by: Skylar
at Friday, January 31, 2003
Subject: New Layout!!

Yesh! I have the new layout up. And I have to say this has to be the best layout yet..I am still working out some errors in the HTML and I still need to put the Evangelion series up but I wanted this layout up so badly that I had to put it in once it was suitable.

I would like to say that I am sorry to acouple of affilates for having to take them down lately. Alot of my friends have been making new sites and so I like to affliates with them rather than the ones I never talk to. So if I have made you mad in anyway I am sorry.

On another note..I have been working on a video clips section. They should be up on Sunday or Monday seeing if I am able to get online. There will be ruffly 10-20 clips. That seems a little but it is alot for a 56k user that has to download, watch them, then upload them and put information on it. I will be doing alot of changes to the layout so bear with me..


Posted by: Skylar
at Wednesday, January 29, 2003
Subject: Special Animes on Toonami!

According to Cartoon Network they will be showing the following:

Monday, Feb 24th

4:00 PM - Nadesico
4:30 PM - Neon Genesis Evangelion

Tuesday, Feb 25th

4:00 PM - Nadesico
4:30 PM - Neon Genesis Evangelion

Wednesday, Feb 26th

4:00 PM - Nadesico
4:30 PM - Robotech

Thursday, Feb 27th

4:00 PM - Dai-Guard
4:30 PM - Robotech

Friday, Feb 28th

4:00 PM - Dai-Guard
4:30 PM - Robotech

I can not believe that Evangelion will be on Toonami. I am glad and hope that everyone watches it. It is one of the best Animes of all time...


Posted by: Skylar
at Monday, January 27, 2003
Subject: Editorial coming up and a little more..

Yeah, I am going to make a editiorial soon so watch out for that. Also, The layout. I know I promised it along time ago but I haven't had the time. I have recently been trying in school for a change. I am actually working on homework and it is scaring me...Lol. The other thing is that I will upload some Mp3's since the staff wont.


Posted by: Skylar
at Saturday, January 25, 2003
Subject: Deviant Art!

I have started a DeviantArt. DA is a site that hosts graphics for you. You are able to show off your graphics and look at others. It is a very interesting site. You should all check it out if you want to see the real Gods of Graphics. Lol, Anyways here's the URL to it.

Skylah DeviantArt


Posted by: Skylar
at Wednesday, January 22, 2003
Subject: The Inferno

I have been reading a book called "The Inferno". It is Literature. A very hard poem/epic story. Yet it is about hell, and how how a mortal called Dante goes down to hell. It is about his journey down to hell and it describes hell with every aspect of hell. It is a very good book. A collage book that I a highschool freshman is reading. I feel good!

Lol, Well. The layout isn't done. But, that would be SOMEONES FAULT. Lol. I wish Silent would upload some clips. But, No..He won't so. I will go now..later


Posted by: Skylar
at Monday, January 20, 2003
Subject: What's Up?

Well, Finnaly. Gohan's Authority will be getting Version 3!..It really is *thinks* Version 7 but I didn't like those layouts. Lol, Well It is almost 40% done. I would like to thank Jim from Daichiretsuzan for helping me work on this layout and alot of other things. But, This layout is white! Total and complete whitness. You will see.

I have started on Evangelion Information. Yes, I can't believe that GA will actually have Anime now but it is true! Lol, The information will go up when the new layout comes up. That makes sense doesn't it? Well, I have all of tommorow off so I should get up to 80% done with the layout..I hope.


Posted by: Silent
at Saturday, January 18, 2003
Subject: Adding More

While im still looking for clips and episodes for my music video, i will be adding some more mp3s. My plans are to add a few new bands such as:
Good Charlotte
Relient K (maybe)
DC Talk

Yea, well ill keep working, later.

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